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Health and Safety at Work

In order to fulfill the legal and contractual responsibilities, the consultant (SiCRED ASSISTANCE) is responsible for the issues of safety and health at workplace and in compliance with the contract signed with the employer, SiCRED ASSISTANCE should accomplish several obligations towards the contracting employer. Click here for more information.

Employment Mediation

SiCRED ASSISTANCE L.L.C offers the service of employment mediation in compliance with license No. LN-2371 - 11 2016 issued on 25.11.2016. This activity is extended in the following operations: ... Read more

Mediation for medical services

SiCRED ASSISTANCE offers the service of mediation between the patients and hospitals/clinics in Europe to receive the most qualified medical services, in compliance with the patients’ needs and requests. SiCRED ASSISTANCE offers: 1. Making reservations to receive the medial service and coordinating the procedures at the clinic or hospital of choice; ...Read more

The progress of the activity

Throughout 2013, we have signed the first consultancy contracts with private entities and now we serve to more than 700 employees, while continuously assisting them in the improvement of practices related to risk management at the workplace, efficiency step up at work, the decrease of stress levels …etc.... Read more
During 2014, SiCRED ASSISTANCE LLC, was duly organized and acted accordingly, throughout the whole year, to spread the word on the importance of receiving the service of consultancy on safety and health at work, as an external service of an enterprise/institution, from a specialized and legally registered entity.Read more
The progress of SiCRED ASSISTANCE has been continues, regardless of changes from past years. The number of consultancy contracts with private entities has increased, by raising the number of employees which are assisted through the improvement of practices for risk management at workplace, increase of efficiency at work , decrease of stress levels …etc...Read more
During 2016, SiCRED ASSISTANCE LLC extended its activity by enhancing the aim of its consultancy process, such as the mediation, as a special activity of this entity.Read more
The financial year ended at 31 st December 2017, for SiCRED Assistance sh.p.k., proved that the consulting company has consolidated and further improved the processes with the employing .... Read more
After all these years as head of SiCRED Assistance Ltd., I am proud to demonstratively appreciate today the work done by SiCRED Assistance employees during 2018. I can fairly assert that during the ended year in December 2018, all the objective opportunities were used and this unit’s staff efforts directly influenced the outcome of the year... Read more

About us


SiCRED Assistance LLC through its consultancy tends to affect the improvement of public health by advising protective measures in the spirit of the legislation in force for all the employing entities. As actors of this market, we propagate the strength and support of public health from the whole society. We speak about public health issues, relying on legal labor policies, as well as the science that develops this field. We are a private capital company and want to influence employers policy’s to respect working standards, but at the same time we want to raise awareness and educate our society so that together, we can create a healthier nation, starting from school environments.

Our Worth

Competence.The company has sufficient human and structure capacities to fulfill obligations toward its clients. The staff is made of qualified personnel, which consists of lawyers, doctors, social workers, engineers,…etc. with an experience of several years.
Responsibility. We are aware of our duties and risks that we have undertaken and we aim to offer a product which fulfills (at its best) the expectations of our client.
Solemnity. We engage to offer our services in full compliance with contractual conditions negotiated and agreed upon from both parties
Communication. SiCRED ASSISTANCE aims to create and preserve an ongoing communication with the client, with the purpose of identifying different needs and their solution in as quick time as possible.
Reliability. SiCRED ASSISTANCE aims to become an important and trustful contracting partner for the contracting employer.