Health and Safety services

At SiCRED Assistance LLC our health and safety consultants are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the area of implementation of general and specific work legislation.

The package of services available to the client includes the following:

Professional competence:

SiCRED Assistance LLC fulfills its advisory role with competence and professionalism in accordance with the standards established by the applicable legislation on occupational health and safety.
Our advantage is the quality of our employees and the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team with dedication and professional experience. We provide you with the knowledge gained from our experience and the ideas and services we offer, help you meet your requirements in compliance with the all-accepted legal practice.

Auditing on Occupational Safety and Health issues:

We audit your work practices and give recommendations, where appropriate, in order to implement the applicable legal standard for Occupational Health and Safety.

Documentation of Workplace Risk Policies:

Written reports on risk policies in the workplace as well as recommendations for building safe work practices and necessary risk assessments.


The company provides practical training on First Aid.

Counseling and updates:

The company will continually advise your entity upon matters related to changes in the labor legislation, to the extent that it affects the working procedures for the operation of your activity.

Accidents investigations

The company helps in analyzing, reporting and managing accidents or serious incidents occurring in your work environment.

SiCRED Assistance Consultancy Service Fee:

SiCRED Assistance provides counseling based on hourly fees + VAT for any working hour spent on the investigation of activities occurring in the workplace and/or because of working activity, according to the legislation of the Republic of Albania for Health and Safety.

Support on the application of Labor legislation:

SiCRED Assistance provides consulting services for the application of labor legislation through a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. You will have support and legal advices from the company’s lawyers. These services, available to you, include the following:

Counseling on Employment Procedures:

We provide auditing, evaluation and recommendations with an advisory character to your employment procedures with the aim of implementing the legal standard and best practices of Labor legislation in the Republic of Albania.

Counseling on Employment Contracts:

Draft and prepare employment contracts for your activity. We also provide a review and update service for any work contract that your business is already applying and in force.

Advice and Consultations:

Unlimited consultations and advices on all aspects of labor law, including enterprise reorganization, level wages, disciplinary measures, work leave, working hours, extra time, disability allowances and permits according to the legislation in force.


Where appropriate, the company will present in writing any updates that are subject to the labor legislation in the Republic of Albania as well as the impacts that this approach can have in your business activity.

Answer in writing:

The Company with your request will prepare a written response to any third party correspondence that you as a subject may receive from dissatisfied employees or your former employee.


SiCRED Assistance periodically organizes seminars on ‘specific topics’ within the field of labor legislation, in which you are freely invited to attend.


SiCRED Assistance offers the possibility of consulting the human resources managers of your entities, with well written procedures.

Employee Guide

SiCRED Assistance offers you the ability to fully prepare the guidelines for your employees in defining the ethical, disciplinary, anti-fraud and risk standards and policies that your employees are expected to adhere to and apply.

Protection and Representation:

SiCRED Assistance can offer you protection of your interests in court or other governmental institutions regarding any dispute, including employment disputes and any consequence arising from them, providing ongoing service from initial correspondence and throughout the procedure followed for the case, upon request.

Training on health and safety issues:

SiCRED Assistance can provide training on health and safety issues. This is a perfect way to help you engage your employees in raising awareness of health and safety issues, by assuring also a better protection of your business from the threat of civil liability.

At SiCRED Assistance, our consultants have the ability and the competence to provide qualification and training within the country, specifically built for your business.

Some of the trainings we offer include:


Providing First Aid to Work


Training on Work Safety and Health Issues

At SiCRED Assistance, our consultants have the ability and the competence to deliver consulting reports on risk analysis in work environments, built on your specific business records.

Some of the reports that we offer in writing and include details on how to cut the risk are:


The risk analysis report of workplace;


The risk analysis report of each job position.