Mediation Services

SSiCRED Assistance LLC provides mediation services on the labor market, as a private employment agency based on the specific license it has obtained by the Albanian state authorities, through a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Company’s lawyers will support and guide you with clear legal advice.

These services, available to you, include the following:

Counseling on Employment Procedures

Counseling to any jobseeker (first-time employment) or new job, or counseling to any public or private entity seeking to hire qualified Albanian or foreign employees, or seasonal employees according to the legal standard and the best practices of the Labor legislation in the Republic of Albania.

Advice and Consultations

Unlimited advice and consultations on all aspects of the Labor Law, Foreigners’ Law, including rules for employment of foreigners with long-term, short-term or seasonal contracts in the Republic of Albania.

Counseling for Employment Contracts

Draft and prepare employment contracts tailored to your activity, for seasonal foreign workers or with long-term employment contracts. We also provide a review and update service for any work contract that your business is already applying and has in force.

Procedures for mediation in foreigners’ employment

The company will prepare and submit any application or document, as per your order, for any foreign worker you wish to receive as an employee in your activity, including any correspondence of yours with third parties, such as foreign mediation companies, consular offices for visa applications, the state offices where you apply and obtain residence permits, employment permits, or other procedures that you as an entity may have the necessity to fill in for your foreign employees.

Cooperation with International Partners

SiCRED Assistance LLC has enabled the contracted cooperation with foreign entities (worthy of mentioning: Century High HR INC. Rm. 201-202 Merchant Bldg., 509 Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila, Philippine) to provide employment mediation services specifically for:

a) Employment mediation of employees with special qualification.

b) Counseling and orientation for work and profession in the Albanian market..


Considering that the success of our customers means everything to us, we take care with all our energy in accomplishing this goal. This requires absolute professionalism, loyalty and vision. Therefore, we create an atmosphere and spirit of mutual trust and constructive dialogue with job-seekers clients for mediation. We see our clients and consultants as a joint team. That is why partnership is one of our core values. If we work together, we will try to deliver results by finding ways to optimize the use of your professional skills in the labor market.