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About us

The company SiCRED ASSISTANCE L.L.C., (a consulting company, with capital owned 100% by the life-insurance company SiCRED sh.a) was established on 29 June 2012, as an important request of the domestic legal situation in the Republic of Albania, as well as the foresight of the shareholder company to fulfill this immediate request of law.


The aim of the company’s operation is to assist and consult employment enterprises for the execution of the legislation and technical regulation of safety and health of the employers at work, during their work performance as well as assisting and consulting the employers on the analysis, identification and prevention of risks at work, in compliance with the relevant legislative requirements.


The mission of SiCRED ASSISTANCE is to assist the employer to better fulfill the requirements of labor legislation, other requirements related to the safety and health at workplace imposed by state authorities, by becoming an important factor for private or public entities, with the aim of creating optimal working conditions for their employees.


The activity of our company is based on the Albanian legislation, namely on the Labor Code of the Republic of Albania (amended), Law no. 10237 date 18.02.2010 “On Safety and Health at Workplace”, as well as DCM issued for the purposes of law execution.