Who are we

SiCRED Assistance is a Limited Liability Company with private capital (100% owned by SiCRED sh.a.) offering legal consultancy, counseling in managing labor law issues, occupational safety and health, employment mediation services and mediation in medical services domestically and abroad.

By helping our customers understand, manage and reduce the risks of occupational health and safety, we offer a cost-effective solution.

By providing advice and support through a team of qualified consultants and professionals in labor law issues and occupational health and safety issues, we offer counseling for a safer working environment.

By using the services provided by SiCRED Assistance LLC you reduce your overall costs and exposures to occupational health and safety risk, and thus reach the standard, compliant with the applicable legislation.

By receiving the professional services in mediation and successfully reaching agreements related to any kind of activity, through SiCRED Assistance, you as a client, against payment, shall have the legal guarantees that what is defined in the contract as a legitimate and voluntary display, will be successfully implemented by the company.

By using the mediation services provided by the company, you as a client will be able to benefit from the opportunity to choose the advised medical service in the network of medical institutions in Albania and abroad.

By using the SiCRED Assistance services for employment mediation, you will be provided with a professional service where the overall state active policies are applied and where the total, productive and freely chosen employment of all citizens and residents in Albania is based, regardless of their nationality, for profitable employment or professional qualification for every job.

The efforts to negotiate and successfully accomplish mediation, also within the legitimate goals voluntarily expressed in contract, we believe they add tremendous value to our clients as well as to the goodwill of the company.

This entrepreneurial mentality is part of the company’s objectives as well as team members who have joined the venture since its foundation in 2012.