Our Mission

SiCRED Assistance LLC through its consultancy tends to affect the improvement of public health by advising protective measures in the spirit of the legislation in force for all the employing entities. As actors of this market, we propagate the strength and support of public health from the whole society. We speak about public health issues, relying on legal labor policies, as well as the science that develops this field. We are a private capital company and want to influence employers policy’s to respect working standards, but at the same time we want to raise awareness and educate our society so that together, we can create a healthier nation, starting from school environments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a culture and environment of healthy employees in our society today and in the generations to come. Through our service we aim to overcome the challenges of our clients to comply with the best working standards for the employees, the careful handling of work relations and in particular the healthcare issues. Under the motto of removing the boundaries and opening new perspectives on labor relations, we commit our responsibilities in addressing the risks of this industry by developing and educating the society with sustainable, necessary and efficient practices widely used internationally.

Our Challenges

Identifying solutions, reconsidering and reevaluating methods, seeking alternatives are all the challenges we face in our daily activity. We are in a constant effort to cope with these challenges by endorsing the implementation of labor legislation in each category of employment and by supporting the cohesive health care system, accessible for all. 

Our Projects

SiCRED Assistance LLC was created in order to respond to the legal need for better ongoing working standards, in order to build an understanding between actors implementing labor legislation, health legislation and public authorities with influence on control, monitor, and standardization. After 6 years in this industry, our commitment strengthens and takes on other forms and dimensions. Today we provide guidance to local companies, professional organizations and associations regarding their daily work, their projects, their positioning and investment in favor of better working conditions, working environments, work contracts, regardless of racial, gender, age, physical limitation; ethnic or religious affiliation. 

Our Identity

While most of our clients operate at national level, the issues we handle through our service are not only national but also global and our greatest ambition is to act in meeting the needs of the employing company, thinking of a global approach to working, employment and health issues.

We are confident that the future will be brighter through team work.



Administrator of SiCRED Assistance LLC